Can weight loss be achieved by weight loss alone?


Can weight lifting reduce fat? Of course, do not think that aerobic can lose weight
What we often refer to as weight training is also what we call anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise consumes glycogen, and one group can't do it for a long time, because a short time of exercise needs strong energy supply, and people are not a machine can't achieve a long time of high intensity exercise, our body can't withstand it, it can't be powered by the decomposition of fat and protein, so can weight loss fat? The answer is yes! Many people are actually puzzled, today we have a look!
1. Although it consumes the glycogen stored in the body, we should be clear about one thing: today's energy is tomorrow's fat! Consuming excess energy means losing fat tomorrow, which is a problem of consuming more than intake, so it should be easy to understand.

We eat things are certain, then the calories is certain, and rolled iron consumption of energy per unit time is more than aerobic, so lu iron one hour to much more heat than the consumption of aerobic, so both consume more fat and storage of glycogen, heat will directly cause a gap, so that it can reduce fat, It is only direct consumption or indirect consumption, the form is different!

2. Weight training can build muscle! A lot of girls think that gaining muscle is a terrible thing, but it's a lot better than your fat body. Add muscle means increased muscle and at the same time also on behalf of our basal metabolism will rise, rise a great help to reduce fat, basal metabolism is also a lot of girls, the difficulty of weight loss, don't like sports so little muscle mass and body fat rate is very big, want to lose weight only by dieting, itself basal metabolism is very low, while dieting itself consumption for little fat, So it's hard to lose weight! Want to emphasize here, a lot of girls do not like exercise especially, muscle quantity is few, must do first after a period of time pass aerobic and control diet to reduce weight, so already healthy, the effect is very obvious again!
3. Lu iron can reach a long time of heat consumption, though we may act of a set of training for 10 minutes, but the time of burning energy may grow up to a few hours or a few days, the strength of the rolled iron is very big, the body will appear too much oxygen consumption, so in order to make up for the oxygen deficit, the body will continue to consume energy to maintain balance. And once you stop doing cardio for half an hour and your heart rate flattens out, you can't continue burning fat.
For a lot of girls asked the question, is it obvious to add muscle with iron? This is a wrong view! It is much more difficult to gain muscle than to lose weight, especially for girls, who want to gain muscle quickly is difficult to achieve, and it is even more impossible to gain muscle in a short time. This is because girls are not the same as boys, and the secretion level of male hormones is not the same, so don't worry about becoming a King Kong Barbie.
For those who find it difficult to lose fat, pause your daily aerobic exercise and go to the gym. You will discover a new continent!

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